The platform that acquires, builds and scales global D2C brands

We boost digital consumer businesses towards a worldwide success

Neulabs is the new digital project born to identify and build the entrepreneurial successes of the future: it discovers, acquires, improves and internationalizes direct-to-consumer brands, transforming them into global players with a strong commercial impact.

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Neulabs in Action

Our process fits your needs and targets

We give you a fast & fair valuation

Do you want to sell your business? Neulabs is the right partner for you. We are nimble, efficient and fast: we quickly understand the value of your company and offer you a fair price, with an upside potential when the business grows under our management.

We deep-dive into your company

If our initial proposal is appealing to you, we will do a thorough due diligence, including financial, operations and commercial aspects, to then send you a binding offer. Don’t worry, we will never ask you for sensitive information before signing an NDA.

We increase efficiency

After signing the Purchase Agreements it’s time to celebrate! From now on, the in-house skills of Neulabs will enhance your business, defining a path to grow through operational efficiencies and internationalization. We've developed a blueprint that we apply in the first 60 days, including over 150 levers.

What we are seeking

What we are seeking

Disruptive brands ready to start their new phase

We are looking to meet the most passionate founders and entrepreneurs in the globe. We are not just looking for Amazon FBA businesses, we are interested in acquiring products that excite customers that we’ll support with our work. Our experts have the right skills and the experience to lead your company to a sustainable business growth. We're looking for the best direct-to-consumer projects active on the world market: if your company seems to be a good match for a partnership, let’s find out if moving forward with Neulabs would be a good fit for you.

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Customer success
Sell your business

Sell your business

Bring your business to a new level!

Are you thinking of selling your business? Talk to our sales team to see if your company is a good fit for us.

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